Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our Advent Calendar ($8)

There are SO many different ways to count down the days until Christmas. You can make or even buy an Advent Calendar in many different varieties.
This is the way we decided to make our calendar this year!

Hobby Lobby prices
box of clear ornaments $3.00
Red cord $1.00
Back puffy paint $1.00
Glitter $3
(I had paper and hairspray)

 Remove silver toppers to all ornaments

 fill half way w/hairspray

Roll around ornament to coat the entire inside

CAUTION: do not SHAKE or bubbles will come and annoy you, then pour hairspray back into bottle

Using funnel (came with glitter pack) pour glitter into the ornament

This you CAN shake up (holding finger over hole, of course.) and dump excess glitter back into bottle

After I showed Skylar the steps, she did most of them herself

All glittered and pretty! We needed 24 and had 6 glitter colors so we did 4 of each color.

Next I numbered them with black puff paint

While the paint dried I folded a piece of paper to create 24 sections

Then I cut them out and wrote each activity on the slips
For our list click here

Next I rolled up the paper and inserted it into the ornaments

Place silver cap back on

String onto cord or ribbon (I left a small space and knotted between each other) and hang!
(I hung mine on my desk!!)

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  1. very pretty :) I've seen these on pinterest a lot this year and we'll probably try them. I've seen them also done with floorwax, which sounds intriguing lol. We've done a few painted on the inside ones in teh past and those are always fun


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