Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Elf on the Shelf 2012 Recap

This year Santa has heard about our mischievous Lil monster, Sebastian. So he sent an elf to come and watch over him. The Elf's job was to watch Lil Sebastian every day and report back to Santa about his behaviour. Little did Santa know, but the Elf he sent??? Well, he was a bit mischievous himself!

Here is how he spent his time here

(click the day number to see details of where he was spotted each day)
Day 1    Meet Charlie

Day 2

Day  3  

  Day 4
    Day 5    

   Day 6 (brought Elf kisses, SO cute)

    Day 7 (on strike!)

     Day 8  

    Day 9(spider elf)

Day 10 (Charlie Ross)

   Day 11   




Day 18

   Day 19 (magical seeds! very fun post!)

   Day 20  (what grew from the seeds)



    Day23 (brought donuts!)


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