Saturday, December 1, 2012


 I figured I'd post my amazing spur of the moment meatloaf recipe. :)
I never make meatloaf, like ever. BUT I decided this morning I wanted some. Weird. Sebastian had never had meatloaf before either so that kinda sealed the deal for me to make some. But I didn't know how. I know I could look up 1,000s of recipes but where is the fun in that? I figured it should be a random collection of what I had on hand. And crackers wasn't something I had... haha. This is what I ended up doing.

 2cups parm galic pretzel crisps
 1 Cup cheese and garlic croutons
 2 whole carrots, washed and peeled

(blend this up fine and put into a bowl)

2 eggs
1/2teaspoon of nutmeg
1Tablespoon Soul food seasoning
Handful of spinach (yes I love adding that to everything, lol)
(blend this up, creating a lovely green liquid)

Then I added the bowl of carroty crumbs to 3LBS of ground chuck and squished it up
I put into my pan and turned my oven to 350

while that got hot, I mixed up 1/2C ketchup and 1/4C brown sugar. I poured that over the meatloaf and put into oven 350 for an hour

It turned out amazing! I was (dorkily) proud :)
(pic is after Sebastian sampled it... 3 times lol, I think it was a win)

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