Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 2: Where's Charlie??

Today Charlie was spotted on th coat rack, along with a note saying Santa heard about Sebastian acting naughty the day before. He asked if Sebastian would please be good, so he could stay. Sebastian said "I don't know.."

*This little guy isn't helping so far. Sebastian says "I don't care." if you warn him Charlie is watching.
Then later today he climbed up the chair, grabbed Charlie and said "See?! He can't fly. He can't go tell Santa anything."
I took Charlie and sat him on the top of the bookcase and explain the whole "no touching" thing again and now he would have to hope Santa would send more magic to him.
While Skylar and Sebastian worked on their salt dough ornaments, I quickly wrote another note and put him back on the hook. Oi vey! Fingers crossed!!

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