Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 6: Decorate Stockings, etc

Today the Advent Calendar said to decorate stockings. And we did! Haha, actually got a completed activity accomplished today. We also finished up the snow globes and filled out our Christmas cards.
It was a nice end to an otherwise stressful day. (Sebastian had some rough spots which mad Carlie sad, See here)
The Stockings:
I got each kid a felt stocking and let them decorate however they chose.
We used left over felt pieces from our tree to decorate with

Sebastian just cut shapes :)
He adores cutting!

Finished stockings!!
(I quickly made Sophie's while holding her, haha. It was a bit challenging writing with puff paint and holding an 8 month old)

The Globes
Pour glitter into bottom of jar

Fill jar w/water (I put water in a squeeze bottle to make it easier to manage)

(I did Sebastian's first and he rolled it around while Skylar did hers)

apply glue to ridge of jar

Screw on lid


The Cards
Choosing the best ones!

Sebastian filling out cards

and Skylar

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