Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 17: Drive around in PJs :FAIL

Today's Advent Activity was a huge flop! I bought The Polar express and had the kids take their baths before the movie and put on their PJs. We ate dinner while watching it. Then at the end, I had them go to bed. While they were settling in, I quickly got out the new travel cups I got and made some hot chocolate and popcorn. I also made some "Sonata Express" tickets to give them. (Didn't get shown but I bought a hole punch and bell for each kid as well)
Well the plan was to act out the whole deal and drive around looking at Christmas lights. I woke Skylar and she was in the worst mood ever. Totally did not want to do it and basically flipped out on me waking her in "the middle of the night" (it was 9pm, btw) so I canceled it. I'll do this kinda thing with Sebastian. 
(which the next day I showed Sebastian the tickets-I didn't even wake him that night- and his eyes grew huge and he said "These look like the train movie tickets!" He was so excited. The reaction I had hoped for from Skylar, as she LOVES this movie but nope. Oh wells. I still love this idea and will do it for him next year)

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