Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 4/5 & 2??: Catch up day?

Today, according to our Advent Calendar was supposed to be ice bubbles. We also forgot yesterday, which was snow globes. And we still hadn't painted our salt dough creations from the 2nd!  Well it wasn't cold enough to make ice bubbles, so we worked on the other 2 projects.

Snow Globes were started, but glue was needing more time to dry, so we let them hang out overnight. Here are some pics from our night:
Supplies for snow globes:
2 baby food jars
plastic toys

Glue the toys to the lids (like my kids toy choices, lol)

*Since we needed to let these dry, we moved on to painting*

Painting a candy cane

Painting his hand print

Ornaments for Grandparents, shhh don't tell
(each of the kids thumb print, Sebastian painted one and Skylar painted one)

Rest of the "drying" creations

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