Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Celebration for a toddler and 3rd grader!

So Valentine's Day is on a Monday this year. Bummer. So we decidded to celebrate today (Saturday). It was a total blast! I gave the kids their gifts while daddy made breakfast.

Then after we ate we took the kids to a local place for them to play. It has themed rooms and is huge, so they wore themselves out!
Sebastian is VERY energetic and was hard to keep up with, haha. He has never been allowed so much freedom and I don't think he really knew what to do with himself. He would just run room to room. It was very enjoyable for me to just follow closely behind and let him explore.
Skylar is and was much calmer. Today, she was most interested in the ball pit and Pretend Playhouse (it has a grocery store, resturant, etc)

After we left there we went to the mall to hang out a bit before our fab dinner!

Best fries on the planet! (and the seasoned Rached..O.M.G)

Before we could go home, my pet lover had to stop at a pet store. She just LOVES looking at all the animals

Bearded Dragon. I can not stress how badly she wants one!!


  1. Super cute and great job on this Cat!!!

    Cant wait to see the pics from the project!!!

  2. Oh, dont know why it did not say my name... Weird...
    that was me... Jen! LOL


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