Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feb 9,11 (WIUW)

Ok, I forgot to mention this. As every Monday is themed, so is Wednesday. I want to get Sebastian in the kitchen, so this day was born. We will bake, cook, create something in the kitchen each week together. (Again, it would not surprise me if Skylar pops in these days as well, lol. I'd gladly welcome her)
Today was Confetti Brownies. I layed out all the supplies and let him play with them for a few minutes while I got the ingredients ready. This was simple because it was a store bought mix. Sebastian poured everything in and stirred after each addition. He even had to sample some! Of course, as any great baker would do, right?
The addition of the confetti was my favorite part. He couldn't figure out how to pour from the silver envelope that came with package so I put it in a measuring cup for him. He then just dumps the entire thing in one spot, haha.
The brownies may not have looked like the picture, but they were made by my 15 month old monster and they were better in my opinion. After a long 40 minute wait, we were able to enjoy the fruits of his labor, and boy oh boy were they delish!! This monster has skills!


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