Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feb 7,11 (MM: Valentine Cards)

Today was our 1st Masterpiece Monday!! It was a total blast!! I decided to wait until Skylar got home. I got a pack of 6 empty cards & envelopes, and Skylar only wanted 1 for her friend.
I gave Sebastian 1 card at a time, and put some Crayola Washable Markers in front of him. I just let him have free reign on how he wanted to *design* his cards. I was close by for some help when he couldn't put a lid on the marker though, haha
Next we did the outside. Again, I gave him one card at a time, I drew a heart on the outside using school glue. Next I let him shake glitter all over the hearts. He really enjoyed this part!
Surprisingly enough the mess was not too bad. The table was easily wipe-offable, and a quick vacum removed all unwanted glitter.
(Skylar's area and hands were actually messier, haha)
All in all, this was a total success!! I'm looking forward to next week!! 

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