Friday, February 25, 2011

ER Trip #2 w/lil Monster

Sebastian's Inhaler (Puffer)
So today I will give you an update an the lil monster's health.
(lil back story-He has been having a reoccurring wheezy/congestion issue. Pedi keeps saying it's all "Above the shoulder" and he's fine. They have done RSV test and chest Xrays, breathing treatments,  everything keeps coming up normal and great.)
Yesterday we had a busy day and Sebastian was fighting his sleep. He ran down the hall and tripped in to my MIL's closet door. I ran to him and he started to cry, I only barely looked at his head and put him in the car. Hubby and I raced him to the ER.I stayed in the backseat reading to him and asking him questions to keep him alert. He began to vomit as soon as we pulled into the parking lot.
They took us straight back and examined him. Possible mild concussion and his knot was 1" off his head at the smallest spot bigger in the center, but no internal damage or bleeding. THANK GOODNESS he was fine.
 Then they asked about his breathing (he is back *on* again with the congestion sounds) They asked if I minded them doing some tests to see what was going on. I was all for it! I wanted answers and have been yet to get any. After another RSV (negative) and more Xrays (perfect) they ruled he had small airways and is prone to be either an asthma kid or an allergy kid, possibly both. They are thinking he's allergic to smoke, mold and maybe pollen??? Won't know until he goes back for further testing. As of now he is on a 5day 2puffs every 4 hours deal with an inhaler. Then we will go from there. I am also doing an additional followup with his pedi.
Poor lil monster!!!

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