Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb14,11 (MM: Pudding Art)

Today for Masterpiece Monday we did Pudding Art.
 I made a cheap store brand chocolate pudding. The instant kind where you simply add 2Cups of cold milk then beat until your Carpal Tunnel is *really* hurting. LOL, yeah that kind. Then I gave Sebastian a sheet of finger paint paper and put a blob of pudding on it. He only used his finger to swirl the paint around and then decided to taste it. After he realize he was allowed to eat it, he only wanted to eat it! He make a design in between bites and asked for a refill at one point. 
This was really cute and he had a lot of fun. One of my main reasons for doing this craft was because I can already tell I am going to have an issue with MM's Artwork. I want to keep it all. While saving some is okay, it is not to save everything. I need to teach myself that I can take a picture of his art and throwing it away is not being mean. Pudding Art cannot be saved, haha, so I thought this would help me out. It did.

Finished Artwork

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