Friday, September 28, 2012

WIUW: D is for Donuts + Mommy School

For the letter D, we decided to make homemade donuts. I haven't done this in ages and forgot how fun it was. Sebastian was in AWE that he could "MAKE DONUTS AT HOME!!" His excitement was beyond contagious. They tasted ridiculously yummy, so we had to go back and make more using different toppings. Now I have way too many donuts in my kitchen so something will have to be done about that.... ehehehehehe

We used a Wilton tip to cut the circles out. He liked playing with the lil dough balls, haha

Making some Glaze. He's a serious chef

Lazy and DELISH donuts. Can biscuits, pop into 35odegree oil. 2min on each side

end result is perfection

Getting funky now :P
chocolate glaze

Here we did some w/o poking a hole and rolled into granulated sugar. Then I tossed 4into powered sugar

Chocolate glaze w/chocolate chips

For Mommy School we have been working on the letter D

Can you tell he has fun in Mommy School?

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