Tuesday, September 18, 2012

WIUW: B is for Banana Pudding

Letter of the Week: B
Theme of the Week: Balloons (though we didn't get to use them, sad face)

So Mommy School has been going so-so. We don't get to do it everyday like Sebastian and I would like. Hubby is always too "busy" to watch Sophie for the hour, so we've had to try to do it with her. She doesn't like it much. She is the center of the universe and wants us to remember that, haha.
We have worked on the letter "B" throughout the week as much as we could though. For Wednesday we made some banana pudding.
Our version is super simple, as cooking with toddlers should be in my opinion. We layer banana cream instant pudding, sliced bananas and vanilla wafers. I should have gotten a pic of the during cuz he cut the bananas himself! He is getting too big :(

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