Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mommy School + WIUW: A is for Apple Crisp

Mr Sebastian will be 3 next month. OMG, right??? I began playing school with Skylar around this age, so I asked Sebastian if he wanted to play what was referred to as "Mommy School". He said a big heartfelt YES. So the tradition continues..wonder if Sophie will be interested...
I made a "loose" September Curriculum and purchased a few things that I needed. (Mostly crafting items, haha) Oh and by "loose" I mean, yes I have it written down what I plan to work on but if he isn't interested that day, or if we go somewhere, etc then oh well. Although I have it scheduled, it doesn't mean it's guaranteed to happen. I follow his cues. My HOPE is we can have Mommy School Mon-Fri from 9am-10am. Anything over that is bonus and anything below is Sebastian's choice.
Another awesome bonus to this, is it's while Skylar is in School and I force hubby to watch baby monster so it's also my one on one time with my lil man!!! I haven't had any since Sophie was born and had no idea how much I missed it.
Letter of the week: A
Theme of the Week: Apple
(He chose to EAT his activity, :P)

I cut Apples and had him use them as stamps. It took a while for him to find this fun. He was appalled at the idea of "ruining the apples" haha. But he grew to love it.

WIUW: As most of you know, we haven't gotten to do this very often. Well it's back and we are all thrilled at the Monster Household! MM are pretty much over due to Mommy School. We have a craft activity included in Mommy School everyday with the exception of Wednesday. That space is left open for kitchen time!
This Wednesday we kept up with our "Apple" theme and made a homemade crustless Apple Crisp. Super Simple and Super Yummy!! I found the recipe HERE!

*3/4 C Flour
*1 C Brown Sugar
*3/4 C rolled oats (I only had 1/2 C)
*1/2 C softened butter
*3 large apples (I used 4smaller ones)
(combine all but the apples in a bowl)

Sampling the thinly sliced apples was much more exciting than putting them into the greased pie pan

Spreading the "goop" over the apples was his favorite part

Recipe said 350 for 20-30minutes. Well we did 365 for 26minutes and this is how it turned out. Doesn't look like the other site (maybe due to the fact I didn't have enough oats??? :P) but it was major yummy! Sebastian came back 3 times throughout the evening for more! Cooked apples are "meh" in my book, but holy mother of yum is this topping!

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  1. Very cute, and the crisp looks great! We did apple stamps today too lol. I'm uploading pics in a bit but it was funny to see you did the same thing!!

    I'm sure Seb is going to love Mommy School :)


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