Friday, September 14, 2012

Fat Kats Pizzeria Georgetown, KY

So after our day at the farm we decided to stop for something to eat. Hubby needed to get to bed as soon as he got home, and didn't feel like waiting for dinner to be cooked. (It was close to 7pm at this point and he works 3rd shift, meaning he goes in at Midnight..oi)
Knowing we had over an hour to drive we looked around in the same town the farm was in. We stumbled across Fat Kats!! I was super excited because I'd seen this place on Food Network and knew it won awards, haha. I told hubby we HAD to try it and see if it lived up to the hype... well....
Apparently we showed up while they were being bombarded with a huge order...some game was going on and ordered 50 pizzas. The guy at the door explained it'd be at least 30-35minute wait. We were debating, but figured it'd take us that long to decide on something else, so we stayed put.
Hubby and the oldest monsters took off looking for entertainment while I stayed at the booth with Sophie. When time came to place our order, the same guy we saw at the door greeted us. He was very friendly.
We ordered 2 pizzas. A large luau and a med...oops, forgot the name of the one the boys picks, haha. Hubby and I got Diet Pepsi (only Coke products) while the kids got AppleJuice. They said they wanted to stick to our Apple Day! Sophie got milk :P
When it came time to pay, our server knocked $5 off our bill due to the wait, which wasn't even their fault!! Totally cool, in my opinion. It made our bill just under $34. Great time was had by all and I'll gladly make the drive again for that pizza!

The lovely menu. Yes, my monsters and I adored the mascot!

The game room was TINY and not impressive according to my kids, :/

The Luau

The...."other one" ahahaha

SO worth the wait

In the end, I'd rate this place with an A for AWESOME. Yes, our wait was long, but they made up for it. AND the server was ridiculously nice!

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