Sunday, September 23, 2012

Caramel Apple Streusel

 Ok, so no idea what to call this but that works, haha...
I confess to have NEVER made a homemade pie before. No I am 30, I stay at home with 3 children and this has been way to much for my little brain. After our apple excursion, hubby said he was giving his mom a bunch of the apples (the kids picked WAY too many for us to eat up) to make a pie. This hit me weird. Why didn't he want ME to make a pie? Oh, 'cause I can't. Because I never have even attempted it. Makes sense.

This saddens me to say but my 1st ever recipe is GONE. I was scribbling it down on a scrap paper as I was adding it to the dish and Hubby tossed it! Major sad face, but here are the pics. Hopefully I will remember how much of each item I used next time I attempt this.

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