Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mommy School Field Trip: Apple Festival...

Today was a homeschooling field trip. We had been working on the letter A and Apples this week, so what better way to wrap up the week than a trip to an apple farm?
When I was making out the lesson plans for this month, I thought it would be so neat to take him apple-picking. He'd never done it, and heck neither have I! I knew Skylar would be into this also (perk about Mommy School: sibling get to go on field trips!)
I began searching to Apple Farms to realize the closet one that sounded like what I was looking for was over an hour away! Goodness, this would take some convincing to daddy monster. After I finally got the "ok", I set the plans in motion.
I found an adorable apple farm that was hosting an Apple Festival the very week we were doing the letter A!! Score!! So away we went.
The monsters had such a blast and I have TONS of pics, but I will just leave you with this one cuz I worked so hard for it, haha. He totally refused to look at me, and the sun was blowing out all my pics. Sad face, but blown face or not, Sebastian is such a cutie!!

LEASH DISCLAIMER: So, I guess I'll write about his safety harness since it's pictured. Yes I got him one, yes my child is now on a "leash" and NO I do not feel guilty about it. I only wish I had done it sooner.
I used to see people with their children on these things and cringe. I felt SO bad for the child the parent was treating like a dog. Yes, I was the mom that silently thought "teach your child to mind you and you wouldn't have to strap them in that." I had a child, I taught her to remain by my side. I never once had an issue. Not once. I thought these were made lazy and cruel moms and I couldn't see why a child would need one. Then I had Sebastian.
Sebastian has more energy than I have ever seen. He is also as stubborn and as head strong as you could ever imagine. The words "no" and "stop" mean NOTHING to him. He has unlocked the door and bolted across my yard, ran away from us in parking lots and when he twisted away from my husband and jetted toward the street, I was done. He needed a leash. I had tried to justify his actions, telling myself "he only got down the yard's sidewalk, he's ok" "we got to him super fast" "there weren't any cars coming" but it doesn't matter. Too many what ifs. Safety comes first. I would rather someone think I'm treating him like an animal than to see him hurt. He's too important NOT to wear one. So to the naysayers out there mocking me know this: I understand and it's ok. I have been there, I felt the same way. But also take note that I love my child, and that takes precedence over any bad thing you could say about his new "special backpack"

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  1. I have no problem with kids wearing "harnesses" or leashes or whatever lol. Some kids bolt, some kids don't. Some kids are fine 99% of the time but have random moments where they will bolt. IMO it's better to have them alive and unscathed.


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