Monday, June 20, 2011

Sebastian is nearly 2???

So the planning has begun. I can not believe it is time to plan my baby's second birthday already!! This is just pure craziness.
The idea behind "themed" birthday is to base it on what your child is "into" right? Well as far as cartoons go he only really watches Spongebob, but I can't truly even count that. He knows who Spongebob is, or as he calls him "bob-bob" and loves seeing him, but he barely ever watches the show. Maybe briefly if Sissy is watching it, but he has yet to develop a taste in TV at all.
BUT he adores animals. So, I have decided he will have a Barnyard Bash! Sebastian knows and loves all farm animals so this should be perfect for him.
I'm sure things will change as the date gets closer, but as for now here are the *plans*
The Location
* I am thinking of the basement of a local bank, but am not 100%
Menu (could change, in fact: everything could change!)
*fried chicken
*mashed potatoes
*fresh fruit
*raw veggies
* I plan on making a large rectangle cake, not sure on flavor yet. I will decorate it like a farmland, and then Skylar will make some little animals out of gum paste
*I want to hand make these.
*2 metal pails. One marked "hay" and filled with stick pretzels and the other marked with "chicken feed" and filled with chex mix
* Cake pops. (have never made these but will do a trial run first to see if I am able to pull it off, lol
*The decor will be simple. Basic balloons, streamers and "maybe" some tissue pom poms. I have made these before for Skylar's party, so I know what I'm doing now, haha. And they were a decent hit!
(to see how I did them you can click here)
*random stuff I find between now and then, haha. We all love rubber ducks dressed as stuff so maybe some farm ducks???
* Also the cake pops can be taken from the centerpieces.
* I want to make a photo corner
* I plan on getting something to paint. Sebastian loves to paint (as does Skylar) so you can be assured something paintable will pop up, ha ha.

and I think that about covers my plans. Now the trick is to execute it all, right?? I will make various post (a lot, more than likely) about where I am in my planning and prep, and as always I look forward to answering any questions and reading any comments!

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