Monday, June 13, 2011

No Mute Button

Sebastian is almost 20 months old. OMG how did that happen??? My baby is growing and changing daily in terms of what he can accomplish. He talks so much now and did not come with a mute button.....and I am GLAD!
Oh goodness, he will jabber on sometimes that can only be referred to as Sebastianese. Other times  he is so busy repeating your words you just have to gush over him. Are you a fan of cuss words? I'd advise not to do that with him in the room. He now will ask what that word mean. So far we have only had "dang it"s brother come out of his mouth, but I'm sure if he hears worse, he's going to try to add it to his ever growing vocab.
I  just adore listening to his little voice and hearing him learn more and more words. It's amazing how we now have to censor ourselves and spell certain things because he knows what we are saying. Talking about a cookie? Well, hope you have one or else he won't stop asking for his.
I sat down with the hubby and tried to figure out how many words he knows now but it's impossible. He knows a lot, ha ha. He sings to the radio and while he doesn't know all the lyrics he can very easily mimic any "oohhing" and vocalizing any singer wants to toss out. He can even hit the right notes and has preferred songs!
I love hearing his voice say "night night Mama" at night and when he wakes up saying, "mama, breakfast? in kitchen?" And he knows calling me Mommy melts me so he saves it for special occasions and will bust out a "pleeeeease mommy??" with fist tightly clinched and face all pleading if I say no to something.  He has me so wrapped.
I am just completely infatuated with this boy. I highly recommend toddlers! Go get yourself one! Yes they are terrors and destructive and will constantly keep you on your toes, but when you kiss them and they look at you and say "love you mama" it's just a slice of heaven.
So no, my little monster did not come with a MUTE button, and as I may regret it later, as for now I couldn't be more happier about it.

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