Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flash Cards

Sebastian turned 20 months old today!! OMG sooo fast!! ok, so anyways...haha
I had purchased him a pack of flashcards just out of sheer curiosity as to what he knew. He was no where near in the mood to focus, but I wanted to just spend a few minutes seeing what we could get done. Once I saw he'd rather play I stopped and we jumped into his play area.
I must admit, I was completely floored by what he did know considering he'd never seen those cards before! I have ZERO desire for him to be able to read the word and him calling the *cup* by the wrong thing (coffee) is completely fine by me. I want him to learn at his own pace and I will not pull these cards out again unless he asks for them. (and hopefully it won't be 20 minutes past bedtime next time, haha)
 I still think he did amazing! I just love him!
Wanna see him in action? <<<<-----Click that link to watch but please comment here cuz I rarely go there and I'd love to read what you say!

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