Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life before I had kids...

So I have been thinking about my life and I got to thinking, what did I do on a typical day before I had my kids? I have some memories from school, and my childhood, etc but then what did I do? I remember my Wedding in May 2001, and that night (wink wink), but what did I do when I didn't have to get up for a feeding? What did I do when I didn't have to help someone with homework? What did I do when I didn't have to kiss a boo-boo?
April 2002, I had a little girl. She filled my entire world with happiness and love that I never knew was possible. I enjoyed being her mom for 7 1/2 years, then October 2009 gave her a brother. This little guy fixed pieces of my life I didn't even know were broken. I have the best kids ever, and I have the best memories of them. And you know what? When I try to think of what I did before having them, I just look at them and smile. Who cares? Life before them doesn't matter. I'm the luckiest person in the entire universe because I have them now!

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  1. Your life's purpose was to be a mother and wife. You're here to be a friend/guide/nurse/maid/teacher... you're so great at it so keep that up. Who cares about life before kids, because you're living life now in this very moment. Every boo-boo you've kissed and every giggle you've shared, that's life.


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