Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Froggy Friends

So Skylar likes taking walks with her daddy after dinner. Skylar also likes bringing home creatures that she finds. Now take those two facts and add in a downpour of rain the night before and what's the result?
Skylar came in the house carrying a big plastic ice cream bucket saying, "wanna see what I found?" Now coming from her this is never an easy thing to answer. Sometimes I have to take a deep breath and brace myself. She will bring back anything from weird looking bugs to snakes to salamanders. You just never know. Today however she found baby frogs. Probably the smallest frogs she has ever found. She found so many we couldn't count them. (I know be logical and remove all frogs and count as you add them back to the bucket but who feels like doing that? lol) After allowing me my photo OP (because according to her I view the world as how it'd look on film, haha) she put the tiny creatures into a Planet Frog aquarium she has. She will admire them for a few days and then let them go.
I really love her gentle nature and love for all things around her. Although I could really do without having various creatures in my home at any given time, who am I to squash her passion?
Guess when these guys leave, I will just brace myself for our next house guest.

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