Monday, April 4, 2011

March 30,11 (WIUW:mini cheesecakes+)

Today was fabulous. Sebastian was feeling better (I kept him away from all smokers and it made a huge difference in his breathing. Didn't need his puffer at all today). We made his grandmother a lil craft. Each child got a textured tile and painted them using Elmer's Squeeze Paint. These were great on the cleanup and both kids enjoyed using them. Obviously I had no place to actually grout and put the tiles, so we glued them to thick cardboard and she can use them for Flower Pot place mats or something to that effect.
For our cooking bit, we opted for no bake cheesecake. Instead of doing one big cake, we made it into a dozen mini cupcake sized cheesecakes. Everything was from a box so the steps were simple. I added the graham cracker crumbs, sugar, and melted butter into a bowl and had Sebastian mix it together. Well he had a hard time with this because apparently eating it was a much better option! Once I convinced him to help fill the cupcake wrappers, we scooped out about a tablespoon of crust into each wrapper and pressed down. (and he stole a few more bites, lol) Then it was onto adding milk to the premade powered filling. Skylar started this process, and I finished it up. Then I added the mixture to the wrappers. Again, Sebastian (with the help of his Sissy) had no problems licking the bowl and beaters. A quick hour of chilling in the fridge and YUMO.
Skylar also glued a paper flag that said Happy Birthday Maw maw on one side, From Skylar and Sebastian on the other to a bamboo skewer and put it in a mini cheesecake to accompany their gift. It was really cute and sadly I forgot to take a photo of that. Sad face, but that was the ONLY downside. This was a very fun day and both kids really had fun and that makes me a happy Momma Monster!


  1. I did a couple of those tile type activities when I was little and they were so fun!! I did one at church that took a wooden pot-holder thing and we put small decorative tiles down then put grout or plaster or something down over it. turned out awesome! i want to do it with amaya but not sure where to get the little decorative tiles from

  2. Rachel I think they would sell that at Hobby Lobby too, which is where I bought these guys.


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