Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4,11 (MM: Butterflies & Clouds)

Today we decided to do 2 projects. The first was a paint transfer butterfly and the second was an idea I stole from my friend Rachel! That project was a cotton ball cloud.
The Butterfly was super fun and well loved by both kids! I folded a piece of construction paper in half and (roughly) cut out a 1/2 a butterfly. That way when you open it you get the whole thing, like we all did with hearts as children. I then taped it to Sebastian's tray (while folded) and let him chose 3 colors of paint. He chose red, white and blue cuz that's how he rolls, haha. I poured out a small dallop of each color directly onto the butterfly. He used his hands to smear it all around. Next I removed the butterfly from his tray, unfolded it and folded it the opposite way onto itself. I smoothed the two sides together, with Sebastian helping me. Then when you unfold it you get a beautiful tye-dyed effected butterfly! AND as a bonus, an extremely messy toddler. But that is all part of the fun right?
Skylar did one too but was unhappy with how hers turns out. She didn't blob up her paint enough and wants to do this again.
Sebastian wanted to pait some more so I gave him another sheet of paper to use his leftover paint on, then it was a fast cleanup (to get up most of the paint) and onto the cloud!

Rachel did hers a bit differently I think, but here is how we created ours. I (again, roughly) cut a cloud shape from blue construstion paper and poured Elmers glue all over it. Sebastian and I both smeared it all over. The we tour up some cotton balls and adheared them to the cloud shape. Sebastian did freak out a little when the cotton started sticking to him so I had to create a silly "Cloud stuck on me" song to get him back laughing. In the end his project turned out beautifully, as did Skylar's cloud!

during my song, haha

Skylar's Art

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  1. They turned out great! Mr. Sebastian looks very excited about the paints :) Miss Skylar is so serious during art projects!


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