Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Piggy Production Day 2

ok, so today I was able to complete the backdrop for Skylar's Dessert table. It was a simple design but hard on my hands, haha, since it took two coats of pink paint. I had considered making something in the middle section, like her name or something, but Skylar and I are both thinking the simplicity of it looks nice. Who knows? We may change our minds.
*Items Purchased
-Elmer's TriFold Foam Board (on sale!) $4 (normally $8)
-Big bottle of pink paint $3
*Items on hand
-hole punch
-white paper
-Mini Xyron (this is a fab item! If you don't have one, I highly recommend them. It will turn any paper item into a sticker. Otherwise you could always glue the dots on)
ETA: my Xyron is a mini and is now hard to find. Walmart has medium ones for $20 and large ones for $50, and other alternate machines go up from there.)
Total Cost: $7
Items for step 1

After 2 coats of pink paint

Items needed for step 2

After painting the foam. I punched out a tons of dots (didn't count them) and ran them through the Xeron to create dot stickers. Then I added dots to two sides of the board, leaving the center a solid pink

Finished display board. We may put an "S" or something, not sure. We are still liking it like this too.
Hope you liked it! Skylar's cupcake stands can be seen by clicking here.

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  1. Am loving the min-xeron and am also liking its price. wonder how many things I could make into stickers... hmmm


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