Sunday, April 24, 2011

Skylar's Piggy Party

OK, so this is really late. I'm sorry about that. Most of you know I was in the ER with Baby monster the entire night/morning before and got zero sleep. There was going to be so much more organization to this party. Desserts were highly rushed-so much so they had to be changed at the last minute, Decor was messed up, etc etc. BUT that all being said Skylar loved it all and that is what matters. here's what we have


Dessert Table

Closeup of pigs

Food Table

*For an activity I bought each child a ceramic piggie bank they got to paint

Acting silly by the photo wall

Present Corner
As you can see, decorations and such were all rushed to get her party done before her guest arrived. Not bad considering!! I'm actually pretty impressed at what we were able to accomplish. It's times like these I am glad I plan ahead or NOTHING would have been done. Thankfully I had a general idea of what she wanted beforehand.
I have more pics if there's something you don't see just comment and let me know!

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