Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March28,11 (MM:another Fail)

Bummer. Baby boy wasn't feeling well so we didn't get to do this. Again. On the upside he did get a new smaller inhaler and is doing great on it! He will even ask for his "puffer" and sit very calmly during his treatment. Much better than the fights we used to have. I hate that he needs this. Poor lil monster!
He is now having cold like symptoms, which is common for his issues. He's actually kept me awake for the past 4 nights having intermittent crying spells. Like a pain cry. Going to give it one more night and then make a call to the pediatrician. I just wanna rule out any ear infections or anything. ok, I am starting to ramble. Hope the next post can be my happy monster creating something to show you lovely people!

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