Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Piggy Production Day 1

Skylar has decided she wants a pig themed birthday. My little girl is about as obessed with animals as you can get. She wants to be a farmer when she grows up, or at least work with animals in some way. She adores all creatures big and small. So now to celebrate her big day of turning 9, she is calling on the pigs!
She hired me, of course, as her planner. I get the joy of creating whatever she needs for her big day. Like most familes, we have a tight budget, so I will try to make as much as I can instead of buying it.
I will make a post daily about what we've made and what has currently been achieved.
Step 1:
PiggyPen Cupcake Stands
* Items Purchased
-2 bags of craft sticks $2
-2 bottles of white paint $2.75
-1 piece of foam core board $1
-1 bottle of green paint $1.37
*Items I had on hand
-tiny rubber bands
-hot glue gun
-hot glue sticks
*Total Cost of Cupcake Stand $7.12 and 1 blister from gluegun, haha
(and it's totally custom and the Monster loves it, so it's worth WAY more!!)
*Cut FoamCore in haf. Then count out the sticks to see how many it would take to cover each side if they were standing up. Mine took 21 for each shorter side and 26 for each longer side. (remember to factor in the ones you will lay across the pole ones) Then make 8 tiny bundles.

Next up comes the painting! I have severe Carpal Tunnel so this was done in 3 different settings for my hands to have breaks. Paint each side of your sticks white.

Completed white bundles

-Every pigpen needs grass right? So paint each of your boards with the green paint

Now you are ready to lay out the fence (while the boards dry) exactly how you want it to look

Completed fence panel

After all 8 panels are glued, you are ready to glue them to your boards.

And now you have 2 compled pens that will each fit (with extra room) a dozen cupcakes!

The plan for these pens is to have green tinted coconut (to appear as grass) sprinkled at the bottom and then pink pig cupcakes. I have never made a pig-face on a cupcake before, haha. Wish me luck!

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