Saturday, March 19, 2011

March16,11 (WIUW: Choco-chip Pancakes)

So today I had an idea that involved sugar cookies. I purchased store bought dough to do this idea, but alas it was gone. I got out all other supplies I needed, got the baby in the highchair, explained everything to the kids, and the dough was gone! I asked my husband if he knew where the mystery dough went and he said, "uhhhh I thought that was from a  long time ago...I ..uh..threw it away" OMG, a long time ago? HUH? I asked what he meant and he said he thought it was old dough from when we made that chocolate pie. I was stunned. First of all, we used all the dough that day and secondly, couldn't he check the date on the package to see if it was old and not just purchased 2 days prior? Geesh he amazes me sometimes.
So, Skylar was very upset, but I calmed her down by coming up with something she could do completely on her own. (Sebastian was no longer interested so I let him watch Sissy. He just wanted to snack on some cheese crumbles and watch.) I had a package of Chocolate-chip muffin mix, so I showed her how to alter that package and turn it into pancakes. She did all the prep work herself and I cooked them. They ended up being our dessert and they were well loved by us all. Guess we'll save the sugar cookie idea for another Whip It Up Wednesday.
*I would just like to add that today was a perfect example of how I am with Sebastian and our activities. For the most part, he loves to do artwork, cook, etc, but for days like this, I let him just chill. I never force him to do anything. I offer and then it's up to him. I take his cues and let him lead me.

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