Friday, March 11, 2011

Little Black Riding Hood

Today Skylar was literally a character witness!
She had to be Little Red Riding Hood and go to court and defend Goldilocks for breaking and entering. (first of all, I'd like to say I think this is an incredibley cute idea! way to think outside the box Skylar's AR teacher!!)
Skylar didn't find it as cute as me. She was highly offended that she was being forced to lie. She said she KNOWS that Goldilocks broke into that house and she doesn't feel the need to say she didn't or try to defend her. Skylar said Goldilocks broke into the bears house and deserves to be punished. Not only did she break in, but she ate their food and broke their property. Also, she added, that she was CAUGHT sleeping when they arrived back home so it'd be pretty stupid to try and say "oh she didn't do it". HAAHAHA, yeah only my kid right? Skylar cracks me up.
After a while I finally convinced her to just try to think outside the box and use it as an acting tool. People on TV aren't really doctors and she isn't really a liar. Or little red riding hood, for that matter.
Then she found out they were allowed to dress up if they wanted. (which again is cute to me, lol.) SO she wanted a cape w/hood. Well I had 2 days and zero money..what's a mommy to do? This dressing up deal got her excited about her role, so I didn't want her to have nothing to wear. I explained to her I didn't have any ideas and she said "what if she wears black? Black is better suited for court anyway. Maybe black is her court color. And I'm her, so I can make black her court color." I told her that was a great idea, but we didn't have a black cape either. She followed that up with, "yeah I know, but black is easier to come up with" So we were on a 2 day mission.
After getting Sebastian out of the tub last night,I came into the living room to see Skylar cutting up a piece of black velvet. I asked what she was doing and she said "oh I found this old curtain so I was trying to see if I could make a cape and hood. I knew your hands hurt (I have severe Carpal Tunnel), so I was going to see what I can do. Can you help with the rest?" So I gave her half an hour w/my hands. We may have gone a lil over but not much. I was impressed with what we accomplished in that short time phrase, especially considering she hacked off all the trim and cut the thing in half and I had to re-hem, make hood, attach hood, etc. Oh and at the end we added some strings to tie it. She was thrilled with it and is now eager to be Little "Black" Riding Hood for school today! I hope she has fun!

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