Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March14,11 (MM:Bday cards and WrapperArt)

First of all I would like to say:

Birthday Cards
So day we made birthday cards for Daddy. Sebastian made his on a green piece of construction paper while Skylar chose yellow. I wrote the greeting on the front and then traced his hand. Sebastian then used his markers and drew beautiful pictures inside the card. Skylar also used markers and stamps on her card. They turned out perfect! Skylar was really disappointed in hers cuz she rushed through it. But I loved it, of course I'm mommy, I love everything she creates, LOL

Wrapper Art
Next we did a project using cupcake wrappers, markers, glue, glitter and construction paper. Skylar did hers on her own and I helped Sebastian. He loved dumping the glitter on and squeezing the glue from the tube. This was a quick and easy project that both kids really enjoyed and I can see doing again! Big fun!!

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