Friday, March 25, 2011

March23,11 (WIUW: Cookies)

Today we did the sugar cookie thing I wanted to do before and Hubby threw the dough away, grr.
Basically I just took a roll of store bought dough and cut them into circles.
Then I gave Sebastian 2 cookie and some food coloring on a plate and let him "Paint" his cookie. (before baking) He painted for a while, but then just wanted to eat the raw dough, so I had to say "No" to which he got angry and refused to paint anymore. He just watched Sissy instead and waited for them to be ready to eat.

Skylar and I teased him that his looked like bloody chicken prints. His hands were also a horrid sight. Haha, oh well. It'll come off...eventually! The main thing was he had fun, until I said the "N" word! :)

Skylar, however, took his actions as a good thing because it gave her more cookies to color. Once she realized it was staining his skin, she stopped "painting" and moved on to various sprinkles. She loved the idea of painting cookies but had picture day at school the next day, so she had to be careful.

Once they came out of the oven we all tasted them and they were so yummy! Sebastian ate one, and the rest of us monsters had 2. We gave the leftovers to the grandparents. This was so fun!

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