Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Hubby! (Red Robin Review)

Today was the birthday of Daddy Monster. We went to Red Robin to celebrate. We had never been there before so it was a nice change. Very yummy and really good for children. They give them crayons and a coloring sheet as they wait on their food. The fries are steak-fry style and bottomless. The kids cups has a scavenger hunt printed on them so as they eat they can look around and try to spot things such as "Adult playing with their food". And bonus: kids get a helium balloon in their color choice as they leave! Great place, and we will totally be back!

And in case you are wondering this was our bill:
Soda (2 @ 2.39)        4.78
Chophouse BG           6.99 (fries were included)
add monster                1.99 (this adds a patty to your burger)
Chick/stick                  4.79 (her drink was included)
Banzai                         9.29 (fries were included)
subtotal                      27.84
total w/tax                  29.51
plus whatever tip you leave
So yeah, family of 4 for under 30 bucks? Yes please!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby! I wish we had Red Robins around here!

    Thanks for stopping by Jumping Jack today!

    {I'm a new follower}

  2. Just saw your comment :) Is your family Superman fans as well? My husband and I are both comic geeks I'm 7 months pregnant with our second little boy..he's name is Logan after Wolverine lol :)....Didn't mean to hijack this post Happy Birthday to your hubs ...wish we had a Red Robin closer to us :(


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