Monday, December 9, 2013

Where's Charlie? Days 2-9

Sorry I am so behind, but here's a quick recap of where our lovable Elf has been hiding this week :)
Day 2: On the bookshelf

Day 3: Hanging from Sissy's curtain rod

Day 4: On top of the breadbox

Day 5: On Mommy's Armoire AND he brought a new game :)

Day 6: On the medicine cabinet in the bathroom

Day 7: On the Harry Potter shelf

Day 8: Under a glass in the cabinet AND he brought a Melissa & Doug horse paint set

Day 9: Hanging from the kitchen curtain rod

As you can see, he is still found in higher locations. Sebastian still has a hard time not wanting to touch him, so it lessens the temptation if he's higher up. Charlie has many ideas that he wants to do but can't due to him needing the higher up spots. :/

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