Thursday, December 12, 2013

Oh Despicable Me!!! (2)

Today was such a fun day! We took the kids out to dinner at a local chicken restaurant, and then a short trip to the store. Why the store after dinner? To get a new movie and some munchies!!
(This was budgeted as a "December Event" this month) Kids loved it :)
Sophie chowing down some mashed potatoes! I am such a lover of her in smocked clothing! OMG

Pretty lil man
(Skylar refused to let me take her pic)

LOTS of snacks!! (no, we didn't eat all this, lol. It was for the "options" factor.)

I still don't care for Sophie with popcorn (read: paranoid mommy) so I got her cheese balls! And her special drink was chocolate milk with marshmallows on the side instead of Hot Cocoa

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