Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Our Day in Photos

Today was Girl/Boy day! Us girls cruised the mall for a bit while the boys (daddy and Sebastian) went to the movies.

The day was short lived as Sebastian decided after a touch over an hour, the Hobbit was simply too long to sit through. He got antsy and begged to leave.
(I, however, knew he couldn't sit through that movie which is why I chose to opt out of going. LOL)

After I got my handsome man back, I took him and Sophie to the grocery store. A quick pitstop at Starbucks for a treat (chocolate milk) and we were on our way to getting supplies for our yummy dinner.

Crushing candy canes for out Peppermint bark

First time attempting this. So good!! And EASY
Candy Cane pizza anyone?


  1. Great Peppermint whacking Mr. S :) Did you guys do this on Christmas or was it a backpost?

  2. No, I'm a bit behind lol. Still haven't put Christmas day on here yet....

  3. I figured it wouldn't be Christmas day, because i don't think most malls are open on Christmas. But, then I thought maybe yours is and you guys had a break from tradition :)


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