Thursday, December 26, 2013

Twas the Day before Christmas 2013

I'm apologizing in advanced for the obscene amount of photos, but Facebook is not letting to post pics and I really wanted to share these somewhere, haha. Oh and this is me scaling back so yeah...*shrug*
Inside the box Charlie left the kids. The littles received Charlie inspired PJs and Sister monster got Cookie Monster. They each got a lil treat as well.

What awaited them Christmas Eve Morning

Brother Monster was THRILLED to be able to unwrap a gift

He sang out "DADDY!! you must come see!! Charlie brought a present!! Come see!!" until his father actually came into the kitchen. He refused to simply tell him what was given. He HAD to come see!!

Miss Sophie watching Dora while we all finished getting dressed

We ate lunch at Chuy's Mexican Resturant

He's always stealing kisses from her.

Baby monster's first pushpop

His too, lol. He was a lil confused...

Tres Leche Cake? Yes, please!!

Afterward we went to the Observatory. So pretty!

They have several different rooms with different themes. This entire place is changed up 6 times a year! I am anxious to check it out this Spring.

He loves posing near stuff, lol. I trained him well :)

This way, daddy!! I'll show you

Love this display

Trains were overhead a lot here. Needless to say, Sebastian was very pleased.

Isn't is just so pretty?

He was our guide, lol. Explaining all the displays. (FYI: none of us had ever been here, lol)


They had music overhead, and he started dancing, hahahaa

They had a Nativity Scene outside

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