Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Where's Charlie? Days 13-25

Sorry I have not been able to get these posted. Getting to the computer is quite the challenge!
Day 13: Made a snowy scene out of cotton balls

Day 14: in the lamp

Day 15: On top of the fridge, left gingerbread kits :)

Day 16: Laying down, left a note for Sebastian saying he wasn't feeling well cuz he was touched.

Day 17: On Strike cuz although Sebastian knew he was already sick, he touched him again and was acting up!

Day 18: Back to his old self, since Sebastian started behaving

Day 19: On the coat rack

Day 20: In the cabinet, but baked some yummy cookies

Day 21: On Skylar's duck and brought us a new movie :)

Day 22: In the bathroom, and brought a trainset for Sebastian to paint and assemble

Day 23: In the jewelry box

Day 24: On top of the lil tree, brought a present (pjs for all the kids and a lil treat)

Day 25: He was supposed to leave last night but was still here this morning with a note saying he couldn't leave until he was able to get Santa to approve his request for a hug goodbye.

Day 25: Saying Goodbye to Charlie, while wearing his new Charlie Pjs!
BYE Charlie!! We love you and will miss you!!

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