Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our Community Christmas Party

Mr.Sebastian ran right to Santa to strike up a convo with him. He was sure to ask about Charlie.
"Why did you send us Charlie? I don't understand why I am allowed to see him but no other other elves?"
Santa was ready with an explanation of how each family is permitted an elf or two to help look over them. The rest of the elves are busy making the toys. It was really cool how he was ready to answer all his questions :)

Sophie wasn't as thrilled with the big guy as her brother. No tears...but no smiles either

Coloring her picture for Mawmaw.

Having some punch with pappy

Brother Monster is all done!

Having a snack with Sister Monster, who was upset that her cousins weren't able to attend this year due to church. This was the first time they hadn't come.

Of course before we left, he had to run back one more time!

I took this just cuz I am in love with her golden curls!! HAHA

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