Saturday, June 30, 2012

Think Pink


Skylar's New Summer Hair
Note the scared expression in the 1st pic? LOL
She was certain the bleach would burn her like crazy.
(it didn't)
Skylar had been begging for a fun hair color for as long as I could remember. But she is 10! So I was having a hard time allowing her to just do it.
Finally, yesterday while out she brought me a boxed kit and asked AGAIN. I was just like "ok, sure, whatever". I have been every color of the rainbow, and already explained to her multiple times all the things she would have to endure by starting this process over and over again. She still wanted to do it. Had I thought it through, I would have managed the day/time differently to devote more one on one time with just her, instead of juggling the younger two kids as well. Also, I would have factored in how insanely thick her hair is and purchased 2 kits instead of one... which is why we ran out, oi. Oh, and another thign I would have considered would be the fact she is about to get her picture taken with her siblings. My 1st photo of all 3 together. Yeah, haha.
Here are the rest of the pics of the process.

First we had to bleach it. The bleach stayed on for about 30minutes,
Again, we ran out, so I was unable to bleach her entire head. She ended up with lots of hair that didnt have enough bleach.After we rinsed the bleach out and it dried:(Personally, I liked it at this stage, haha)

Next came her choice of color: Pink. Oh but not just any pink. She wanted as bright as we could get it This also had to sit 30 minutes

The End Result! She is in total LOVE with all her colors, haha

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