Friday, June 29, 2012

Sophie's Chair

Ok, I admit I have a real hard time sitting Sophie down. Nearly all her home pics are in her carseat cuz I'll take pics before we leave or as soon as we get home. Sadly, though, there are times when I will sit her in her chair while I make a bottle or what have you. Slowly she began to actually enjoy the toy bar on her chair! Now I dont feel as guilty if I have to sit her down for 5-10minutes. But, you know me, I still scoop her up as soon as possible, :)

Hmm, wonder if I smack that?

hehehe that sounds like a swell idea

take that!

Hahahaa it makes noise! cool!

Yes, it's ok to be jealous. My chair rocks


  1. both of my girls aren't fans of being held all the time, E likes it a bit more than A did, but yeah... they prefer being down on teh ground and being little explorers.
    So cute that Miss S is loving her chair!

  2. Yay, glad she loves it!!! Like E and A that Rachel said, K loved to be down and explore! She's the same way still :)


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