Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Drive-In

So, is it really summer break without a trip to a drive-in? Sadly I don't have one in my state, but I adore the drive-in, so it's worth crossing state lines for. I honestly wished I lived back in the days when a typical weekend included a trip to the "soda shoppe" and a drive-in movie, haha. (aka, the 50s) Funny enough when we were driving here, I saw they have a new (well new to me, I'd never seen it before) restaurant that screams 1950s. I think checking that place out is in order.
The Drive-In now costs $8/adult and $4/child (aged 4-11). Not bad for 2movies! It cost my family $20, oh and some gas money haha. If you bring outside food you are charged a $5cooler fee. (This was new btw, I never had to pay this fee before, but I hadn't been in over a year) BUT with my cooler fee I was given a $2off coupon on the large popcorn.  Featured movies were Brave and Advengers.
They also have a playground for kids to wear themselves out before the movie.
Swinging w/her cousin

Sebastian and Daddy headed to the slides

He loved this slide and said he had to go down it "five more times" :P


The Playground

Sophie's 1st time sliding

Some of the kids in the van getting ready for the movies

Do you got to a Drive-in? Are you like me and wish there were more of them?


  1. very fun! sad they don't charge per vehicle anymore! We want to take Amaya to see Brave this coming week, but gotta find the $$ for it


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