Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Making a sign/Bday update

Just a quick birthday update on how Sebastian's party planning is going.
So far I have both orders placed (one has been received) with the online stuff I wanted to get. Most of the items are purchased with just the menu items and a few odds and ends left to pick up.
I called and booked the location today.
Also I made a sign to put behind the food. It's very simple, mainly because the food would hide most of it, but I ended up loving the simplicity of it when it was finished.
I basically took a basic tri-fold foam board (that was already blue, so no painting needed. yay) and painted the title on it. Next I cut out stickers that match his theme and added them to a few letters. Hope you like it.
Can't believe he is almost 2! Wow, that was fast!!


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