Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Meeting An "Online Friend"

So today I met up with someone that I met online! I have been online friends with her for a couple years, so it was amazing to get to know her in real life. Her name is Bree Franklin and she is an AMAZING photographer. You can view her photos by clinking this. (I have the pleasure of saying I knew her before she was all pro, lol)
We met up at her hotel. (She travels a lot, and made a detour during her trip to visit me! YAY) Next we went to Dunkin Donuts for coffee and a lil meet and greet for her and Sebastian. She snapped a couple pics there. This was fun, as she doesn't have a DD location in her state of CA, so she enjoyed this. Next we went to a lil field behind a Waffle House for her to take Sebastian's photos! This shows you how amazing she is. The pics she took are incredible! I have only seen a small sneak peak, and am anxious to see the rest.
Meeting Bree was a lot of fun. I hope the next visit is longer!
It was so nice

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