Sunday, October 23, 2011

Laundering Money... literally

So, I'm sure you have heard this phrase right? Well typically it is NOT a good thing. Well, it's not really good in this case either, ha ha, but it's not illegal. Have you ever wondered "what if you were to really launder money? what would happen?" Well, I'm not sure if many people think silly thoughts like that or not, but I know I have wondered. I have had the occasional coin or bill slip pass inspection and make it to the wash. Have you? Coins were relatively fine, but paper money can virtually be destroyed. Can coins? Turns out, yes. They can. I had the answer answered for me this weekend. When cleaning the lint trap in the dryers hubby discovered some sad coins that had been trapped for who knows how long under the dryer's hot drum. I was quite amused (and saddened by the waste of the coins). I thought you lovely readers might find this interesting if nothing else.
So without further ado, THIS is what happens if you launder your money!
All the change he found
The "best looking" dime, haha

1 comment:

  1. Those are really cool looking! Poor money could have bought some bubble gum or something, though!


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