Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIUW: Pretzels

Today I am going to share our WIUW project from last week. We had a lazy day and didn't do this today.
We made Auntie Anne's Pretzels. Do you have this shop in your mall? There is one at our mall and we just adore it! I saw this kit at our grocery store and had to try it. It isn't really hard, but it is tedious and time consuming, just FYI! (btw the kit was $6.99/made 10 pretzels)
This is what all was in the kit

Adding the ingredients

Smooshing into a dough ball

After you make you ball, you cover it w/plastic and it has to rise for 30minutes. I had no place to put it since it said in about 90degrees!! One of their suggestions was on top of fridge, so I did that. This is what the ball looked like after it "rose"

Finished Pretzel! (we did 3 salt and 7 cinnamon sugar)
Maybe I should have taken a pic of a "pretty one" haha. Sebastian chose the one for the pic though.

These turned out very yummy! I also warmed some cream cheese frosting up and drizzled it over the cinnamon/sugar ones as a glaze. SO GOOD. I hope y'all make these and let me know how it went!!



  1. How fun. My son would love to do this!
    Btw, found you on Babycenter :)

  2. Aw, I'm glad you liked it!! let me know how it turns out if/when you do it!!


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