Monday, October 17, 2011

Sensory Project: Water Beads

Sorry I haven't been keeping this very current!! October always gets away from me. Sebastian's party (and the entire weekend went great. I'll post pics soon!) Next up comes Pumpkin Patch and Halloween activities. YAY!!
So today I will bless you with a fun little sensory project we did. Basic flower water beads. Who knew kids would adore squishing these in their hands? I think even Skylar got a kick out of them! (btw, these come in multiple colors and are sold in the floral aisle at Wal*Mart. The pack I bought was $2. I got clear because I was afraid of the dyes rubbing off on them, but I think I will buy colored ones next time! Color is just fun, and it'll come off eventually, right? :) )
Little packet of Beads

Put into large bowl and cover with water
An hour later, as they swell up absorbing the water

In 2 hours I considered them done, (package says could take up to 4 hrs)
Then drain off the excess water

Closeup of the beads

Now it is time to squish!!

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