Friday, October 7, 2011


 This is beautiful Egyptian Mau. Her name is Potter and she is fabulous. I seriously have had pets (mostly cats) my entire life and never met a cat quite as cool as her. She can play fetch, doesn't annoy you with a meow, and knows when you are feeling like you need a cuddle.
Potter, I don't believe, has ever been on this blog, so it's about time she shined. I highly recommend this breed if you are thinking about it. We came across her by happenstance. I believe she found us.
We take an annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch, and one year there was a lady there holding a large storage container sans lid. I peaked in as we walked past and saw the teeniest puff ball.
"You like cats?" The lady called after me. Skylar, being the world's largest animal fan instantly tugged my arm. I smiled and walked back to the lady.
"Vet guesses about 4 weeks old. Someone left the poor dear on my steps last night. I just cant have another cat to look after. So I figured I would bring her here and see if anyone wanted her." The stranger rattles on before I had the chance to even say Hi. We chatted for a bit, and of course I took the puff ball home. We didn't know the gender, so Skylar said Potter would work either way. (we are huge Harry Potter nerds) so Potter it was.
As Potter got older we discovered she was female, but it didn't change anything. Potter was still her name. We took her into the vet when she was about 6 months old for a series of VAXes and to be fixed. Vet was so confused by her. "I think this could be a Bengal" he told me. I didn't really care, but her breed seem to be such a big deal at the office. We went by Bengal after that.
About a year later, another vet confirmed she was Egyptian Mau. Apparently this was his favorite breed and they were extremely rare. (by the way, they have an extra flap of skin on the hind quarters allowing them to run very fast and jump extreme distances. That's a great way to tell) Again, we didn't care, but found it interesting.
Potter is now 4 years old and our relative. She's not just a pet, she's a member of the family. I adore that cat, as does my whole household. She is great with children and adults alike. Even when Skylar brings in various creatures, Potter is simply curious. Checks them out and then is on her way. A mouser, however, she is not. Skylar had a hamster that got loose once and Potter simply caught it, cupped her arms around it and watched it run around in the circle she created. Potter called for me (A quick meow from Potter is beyond rare, so she knows I'll come running if she meows) and I put the hamster back up. Guess eating it didn't sound good, ha ha.
Ok, clearly I could go on forever about her, but I won't bore you anymore. I just think EVERYONE needs a Potter in their life!

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