Friday, November 1, 2013

Sister Monster is Sick

I don't really even know how to put this on here or where to begin. It's all such a jumbled up mess. My darling Bunny has been sick. It's now upgraded to a "Chronic Issues" according to our last Dr visit,so I guess I'll attempt to update my invisible readers :)
Let's see..back at the end of August, she began to hemorrhage. (Keep in mind she's only 11) We took her to the ER where she continued to bleed heavily and collapse to the floor. They then rushed her via ambulance to Children's hospital. After spending the entire day/night being tachycardic, they ended up putting an IV in each arm and giving her 2 blood transfusions. (The double IV, I was told, was so they could help get to her faster in case her heart gave out, which they were afraid it may.) It was a very scary time, as you could imagine. She is never this sick. Never been poked outside a vaccination, so this was very traumatic for all of us.
When we left the hospital, we never fully got a reason why this happened. Only half assed theories. Things such as her body just freaked out when it tried to have a period.
Since this event, she has been in and out of drs non stop, at least that's how it feels. Back and forth between gyno and Pedi. More pills/meds than I could dare to count.
She's also getting sick on top of whatever is going on with her uterus.
We have been back go the ER. Turns out the pharmacy misunderstood her refill on the hormones that are stopping the bleeding, and that caused her to start bleeding and having the worst cramps of her life. We are just now getting over all of the side effects of that lovely fuck up.
She is also newly diagnosed with Depression, which is completely understandable. She is sad. She has been through hell and back several times and still has NO real answers. She's been taken out of school (drs agreed it'd be best to homeschool her this year, she's sick and at the drs so often she can't maintain attendance. And no one  truly knows why or what is wrong with her. She stays cold all.the.time, and her hemoglobin is at 15 (!!!!) Now so it's not caused by the anemia. She's got the most extreme fatigue that has lasted for MONTHS with no explanation. They (Pedi) wants to blame depression but gyno (and I) think if we got the bottom of her health issues, she wouldn't be so sad.
Sorry this is so all over the place, it's been a rough couple of months. If you have any questions just comment! And if you have theories I'll listen to those too lol! I'm just wanting  My baby girl back!!

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